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Fruitilicous Farms

They have more than 70 varieties of apples, including heirlooms unique to California, antique varieties from Europe, and cider varieties, as well as newer disease resistant cultivars. They also have figs (10 + varieties), pears (4 varieties), quince (4 varieties), citrus (about 80 trees of a wide number of common and rare varieties). For bush fruits they have blue and pink blueberries, ollallieberries, elderberries, pineapple guava, goji berries, and others.

They produce the best quality fruit they can with cover crops, compost, and attention to ecological detail. They have managed the orchard towards producing fresh pack apples for both wholesale and direct outlets, with culls going to companies that make organic juice and hard cider. Their wholesale fruit can be found under the Viva Tierra label. They sell at several Farmers’ Markets in the Bay Area and a few selected stores.

Both Zea and Terence are career-long organic farming specialists and grow fruit with flavor and nutrition in mind. They hope to bring our mutual customers the most nutrient-dense delicious fruit possible.